I don’t get it. What the hell is wrong with people? Everyone I know, at any other school, ANYWHERE, has no trouble getting crap with financial aid. Me? I can’t seem to get anything but books. Even the fucking required calculator and crap. Sigh, after 2 days and a total of 3 hours wasted waiting in about 5 different lines… “You need to go to the FA office and get a green piece of paper saying you’re allowed to get this thing you’ve already shown all documentation for needing.”

Here, let me elaborate.

After running out to school to give Sandy a jump (which I totally don’t mind, but girl needs to get herself a pair of cables), I run into the bookstore since I need to sell back books from last semester, and I need a freekin $125 graphing calculator for math. So, upon waiting in line for about 30 minutes outside, and then waiting in line inside for another 40 minutes, I get up to the counter. “Oh, you need to get into that line over there to sell your books back.”
Okay…. I’ll still get the calculator. “Oh, you need your papers verifying you have math class to get this on Financial Aid.”
Okay…. anything else I’ll need? “no”

Into the ’sell books’ line. After waiting another 20 minutes, I plop my books on the counter. One book for english, and one for music that came with cds. “You need the other part of that.” Other part of what? “Other part of the music one.”
But this is exactly what I got when I bought it used. “Nope, can’t take it.”
Now, I just listened to him tell the guy in front of me (selling a different book) that there were cds to go with his book, and altho they could give hime $20 for just the book, if it had the cds he’d get $30.

So…. WTF? If they don’t buy it back if it’s not complete, how the hell do they get away with selling it incomplete? And not telling you it’s fucking incomplete when they sell it. Asses.

So, whatever. I mean, I only got $11 for my engrish book anyway. So, I wasted 2 hours for $11. I’ve had better days.

Then, today. I go back. With my syllabus and course listing. Wait 30 minutes in line while my tits get stared at by the guys ahead of and behind me. And am told, “well, you need to get a permission slip from Financial Aid, since you can’t put anything on your aid that isn’t a book.”
What? WHAT?? WHAT?!?!?!

Oh, and did I mention that before all this bullshit someone sold me a fucking thumbdrive and just rang it in a generic because “It’s a loan, she can spend it on whatever she wants.”


Why me?

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