Please sir, may I have another?


My arms and chest and abs are finally feeling tuesday night. My legs are funny… it made my hammies feel better, but now my quads hurt… but odly… I think I may have a slight ouchie nonDOMS related, but oh well.
It’s physioball and elasticity tonite, I’ll prolly add cardio since I didn’t do it last night. Yes, I’m a slacker.

I’m almost finished with the mousie drawing… assuming I ever get around to sharpening my 4b so that I can use it…
I want to finish it tonite so I don’t have it hanging over my head. And once I actually get into painting, I know I likely won’t get around to drawing much. Just the way I am, I suppose. Other than tat designs, drawing may wait a bit. In fact… I’m thinking the back design would likely work out better with a brush than a pencil. Somtimes it’s just that way.

My math instructor is interesting. She might be older than me…prolly not… and I think we’re definitely getting into heathen hippy territory here. Pretty, inked, and amusing. To bad so far the class is a bit… umm… sloooooowww…

Ah, anyway……
Screw this. I’m tired of writing nonsense. I’m gonna go pee.

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