Apparently the Romans weren’t the only ones unable to comprehend the idea of “Zero”

I don’t get it.

I really don’t. I don’t understand the need to push one’s beliefs, whatever it may be, on another. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll warn someone about something being hot or sharp if they seem to be planning to touch it… and I would appreciate the same… But I don’t give a fuck if someone thinks my soul is in jeopardy. And I don’t care if the spirit of the bear is with me or not. And I don’t need to hear your tripe about how there is some kind of creator or spirit and so I should honor it.

I hate to say it… (well, not really…) but the Universe is the way it is whether we believe it to be that way or not. Whether you think evolution is real or just that some moron had an assload of time on his hands to make it look like evolution was real is not going to change whether or not evolution is real.

Whether you believe in one god or many or none… it don’t fuckin matter. There is what there is… unless we are all dreamers weaving our own realities… in which case… KEEP YOUR FREEKIN “REALITY” AWAY FROM ME!

So I’m sitting here listen to my mom going on about how “there is a spirit, and whatever form it takes and you believe in, you should still honor it…” Here is a woman who in one sentence goes on about how christians and others push their beliefs onto others, and the very next minute she does the same.

Jebuz Kriiist!

It just bugs me. It bugs me that people assume I’m christian because they are. It’s annoying that people assume I’m “pagan” because they think they know me. It is amusing that people think I’m atheist just because I’m married to one. The thing is, it doesn’t matter. What I believe has no impact on anyone else… so why give a crap? I believe I should not seek to harm others. And while I’m deeply sorry if I’ve unintentionally truely hurt anyone… if someone is just offended by my finger… Fuck Off!

I hate preachiness. I get sick of people looking shocked that I don’t go to church on sundays. Why? Why would anyone assume someone’s religion? Especially after “9/11″? There are other religions out there… and there are people who don’t subscribe to any of them.
And I see it all the time around here… and it really is annoying. I’m just so glad that it’s all over. Holidays are not my thing, and it just makes this sort of problem worse.

I know there are good people out there of many religions. I know many of them. But it’s always the assholes that stick out in one’s mind… ruining it for the rest of humanity. Like Hitler and Jerry Fallout.
I’m probably more bitter about it now than I used to me. It is slightly disturbing to have a devout Christian saying he’s “praying” for me and asking his god to bless me.
I’m thinking that maybe he’s not the best person to do that kind of thing. I mean… when you’re in prison for getting a little too touchy-feely with a 12 year old girl… perhaps you should not be concerned about other people’s souls. If you didn’t give a fuck about what you were doing to that little girl, or your wife, or your children, or any of that shit… maybe you should skip the holier-than-thou routine.

Of course, since I’m “doomed to hell” anyway… what does it all really matter? I guess, really, I’m just worried that his god is making my life miserable because he is “praying for me.”

Well, not really worried. I mean, I don’t believe in his god… but I’m thinking the Mighty Murphy might get annoyed by the blasphemy and smite me. And I am ever vigilent against annoying the Great and All Powerfull Murphy.

I just needed to get it offa my chest. I think Otto is tired of hearing me complain about my parents and their weird religious tendencies. ha!

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